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If you need help finding just the right lock for you, click on the links below:
  • How to Choose a Lock is a handy guide that will step you through the process. This is especially handy if you know what you want, but you don't know how to describe it.
  • Lock Comparison Table will show you a table of popular lock features
    Lock Spreadsheet
    so you can easily identify which locks have the features you want. The table makes it easy compare the differences between lock models.

Why are these Locks More Secure?

Our keypad, combination, push-button entry door locks are more secure than a traditional keyed lock because they can't be picked or bumped (see links below).

Our keypad entry door locks are un-pickable AND un-bumpable because they do not have a key hole to pick or bump when ordered without the key override.

Our keypad entry door lock deadbolts and latch bolts are also hacksaw-proof.

bump keys

For maximum security, we recommend a deadbolt lock without the key override option.

Click here to view our maximum security deadbolt locks.

Our Locks Can NOT be Opened with a Magnet!

Have you heard about Kaba locks that can be opened with a magnet? Magnets don't affect Lockey locks. Here's our supplier's statement:

"There is no similarity between our lock and the lock mentioned in the article. Our locks are designed differently than the Kaba lock and a magnet does not affect the performance of Lockey Digital Locks."

Lock Picking /
Lock Bumping 101:

Almost everyone has heard of lock picking, but it is surprising how many people do not know about lock bumping.

Lock bumping is quick and easy to do, requires no special training, skill, or tools, and leaves no mark on the lock or the door. If your door lock has been bumped, you might not even know it!

Here at, we believe that lock bumping is something you SHOULD know about! And we think you will agree, once you see how easy it is to open most residential and commercial keyed locks in just seconds with only a little practice, using common tools like a screw driver.

  1. Click here to learn about lock bumping and bump keys from other websites (or do your own search on Google, Yahoo, MSN, or your favorite search engine).
  2. Click here to watch the video and see how quickly a lock can be bumped, even by an 11-year old:

Maximum Security:

If you want maximum security, we have a full line of pick-proof AND bump-proof, keyless locks for both homes and offices, indoors and out.

All our locks are designed to install easily and replace your existing locks.


Keyless Locks

Why Buy from Us?

Our customers say we have the best quality and selection of combination locks, along with the easiest-to-use website. At our low prices and excellent service, that's hard to beat!

We sell the Lockey brand—not an imitation that won't hold up. Our standard merchandise is brand new—not used, returned, or re-stocked items. We also have a Bargain Bin with even lower prices on clearance locks and locks with slight imperfections in the finish. All items have full manufacturer's warranties.

If you get it from us, you can count on it to protect you and your loved ones, your home, apartment or dorm, and your business—for years to come.

  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Low prices on our full line of new locks
  • Bargain Bin with even lower prices
  • Full Lifetime Warranty on ALL our Lockey products (see each lock for warranty details)
  • Friendly & knowledgeable customer service


Our Lockey Printable Catalog:

Here at KeylessEntryLocks, we carry a lot of different brands of locks. For our Lockey brand locks we have a catalog that contains images and details about the Lockey items we carry to help you select the right lock for your application when you don't have access to the Internet. If what you want isn't in the category, feel free to browse our other brands of locks that feature different types of locks, such as electrical.

Keyless Entry Locks 2010 Catalog
Lockey Printable Catalog (PDF)
(does not include prices)

For prices, discounts, & sales,
click a category
(at the top left of this page)

Please note that this printable Lockey catalog does not include prices. This is because our specials and sale prices change far too often to keep this information up-to-date.

But don't worry. To find out the current price of an item as well as the features, finishes, and options currently available, simply look it up on our website using the handy Search box at the top — you'll find it quick and easy!

What Do You Get?

When you buy from us, you get everything you need to install your lock on a standard door: the inside and outside lock bodies, the rubber trim plates, the strike plate kit, the dead bolt or latch bolt, the spindle, support pins, centering pins, and of course all the screws you need.

Standard Package

What's in the box?
Everything you need
for a standard door prep,
even the screws!

We even have a Keyless Entry Lock Extension Kit if your door is between 2" and 5" thick.


RemoteLock LS-DB500i WiFi Keypad Deadbolt Lock
Control with your cell phone, tablet, or desktop computer.
Also, available as a lever handle.

  • Push-button keypad combination locks are unpickable & unbumpable.
  • Change the combination whenever you want—it only takes a few minutes (see quick video).
  • Your code can be as long or as short as you want!

Easy Ways to Save Money!

Our Customers Say...

  • "Arrived on schedule in perfect condition. Right to the doorstep."
  • "Friendly and very helpful. Will buy again!"
  • "Superb at customer service and the product furnished was excellent. Couldn't ask for more."

Upgrade all your home and office entry door locks today with these secure reliable locks—before you wish you had. With these keypad locks, you just can't go wrong.

Lockey System Warranties

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Dead Bolt, Latch Bolt, Slide Bar,
or Hook Bolt models

Front and Back Views of 2000 Series Keyless Entry Door Locks

Inside Outside
(shown in Bright Brass)

Key Overrides:

If maximum security is not a concern for you, a key override can be a handy option—it will give you a second way to open your lock.

Key Override for  2000 Series Locks

optional key override
(shown on 2000 Series Lock)

If you order you lock with a optional key override:

  • lets you use either a key or a combination to open your lock.
  • is great for apartments, dorms, & condos with more than one lock.
  • lets you give each lock a different code but have just one master key.
  • is available as an option on most of the 2000 Series locks (models that start with 2xxx).
  • has finishes that match the lock perfectly.

Advantages of Keyless Locks:

KeylessEntryLocks bullet

Worry-Free Security

  No keys to lose, have stolen, or copied. No wires to run. No batteries to change. No computer programming. Quick, easy-to-change combination.
KeylessEntryLocks bullet

Burglar-Proof Design

  No keyhole means these keyless, push-button, keypad, combination locks are pick-proof and bump-proof. The lock bolt is hacksaw-proof. The outside knob spins freely under heavy torque which protects the mechanism to prevent forced entry.
KeylessEntryLocks bullet

100 % Mechanical

  These keyless, push-button, keypad, combination locks are totally mechanical, completely non-electric. No wires or batteries. This is why we can offer a Lifetime Warranty on them along with an unconditional 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.
KeylessEntryLocks bullet

Easy To Install/Use

  These keyless, push-button, keypad, combination locks install in just minutes. (view installation instructions).

They are simple, fast, and easy to operate. (see for yourself with our online demos)

You can set any combination of 1 to 5 letters and/or numbers and change it quickly, whenever you want. (view instructions on changing the code).
KeylessEntryLocks bullet

Elegant Designer Finishes


There are many beautiful finishes to complement a luxury home, modern office, or stylish garden gate or pool.

To see them side by side, just click on Colors at the top.





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